Seed Germination Experiment

This is a magical little experiment of observation. let's make a seed germination jar with our children. As long as it's not too cold, we let the beans soak in a moist environment, and in less than a week we can observe a huge change from a bean to a thriving seedling.

First, soak the beans (soybeans or green beans will work) well, the water used to soak the beans is best left to dry overnight. Stuff the beans into a glass jar along with water-soaked cotton or paper towels so that the beans are pressed against the inside of the jar, making it easier to observe. Do not stuff them so tightly that the beans cannot breathe without air.

Keep the bottle in a warm place, as beans need a certain temperature to germinate, and then you can change the water or add some new water every day, and then your child can observe the amazing changes. The skin of the bean cracks open to reveal a small tender white opening, then the bean sprouts come out little by little, and finally the roots.

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