Flowers Sensory Tub

If you want to talk about the indispensable toys in the growth of babies, play dough must be among them. Playing dough is not enough, come to a flower and grass ball!

Parents prepare some flour, first let the baby feel the feeling of dry and fine flour, parents slowly add water to it, the baby's small hands knead, feel the flour becomes thin and sticky and then become a dough feels. Parents should not be afraid that their children will dirty the environment. What a fun experience of "dirty play" for children.

play dough

Bring back plants from the outdoors that smell like spring, such as fallen leaves, flower petals, and weeds.
Tear, cut, and break these "ingredients" into the dough, DIY into fancy cupcakes, knead into small clay balls of flowers and plants, make a pill soup, and play house.

Play dough

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