Dye Flowers at Home

There are many dyed flowers on the market, such as blue roses, which are expensive. We can dye them at home and let the child know how plants drink water.
Here you go with 3 easy steps!
1. Prepare a few large cups of water.
2. Pour food color intense pigment into each cup.
3. Put the white flowers into it!

dye flowers

The flowers won't change color right away. Observe the flowers two, four, 24, 48, and 72 hours after you put them in the dyed water. It usually takes one day or so, but it will be very beautiful and worth the wait.
I believe that the children will watch this process and keep the knowledge of how plants drink water in their minds.

If you want to dye a flower two colors, Slit the stem up the middle and put each side in a different color to get bicolored flowers

dye flowers
Let's look forward to the final result.
dye flowers

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